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75 14th Street NE Suite 2110, Atlanta, GA 30309 Atlanta, Georgia 30309
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Tanya Miller is comfortable in the spotlight, whether engaging the judge and jury in the courtroom, appearing as a legal analyst and commentator on broadcast media, or leading high-profile cases that have earned national attention for her strategies and successes. She is also a passionate advocate for each and every one of her clients, standing strong to give voice to the injured and the wrongfully accused. With thousands of hours spent face-to-face with witnesses and head-to-head with opposing counsel, Tanya is Exhibit A for the value of extensive courtroom experience. Aggressive yet diplomatic, Tanya has mastered the nuance that builds confidence and projects authority. Her investigative skills and commanding courtroom presence – honed during her years as a tenacious lead and supervising criminal prosecutor and in her private practice as a fierce injury and defense attorney – give her the ability to make a compelling case for the benefit of her clients, regardless of their wealth or social standing.

As a prosecutor, Tanya played a key role in the criminal investigation and prosecution of widespread and systemic cheating and test-tampering in the Atlanta Public School System and related RICO charges. This organizational corruption harmed thousands of Georgia schoolchildren while enriching some of the system’s most powerful administrators. She also successfully prosecuted the deadly Easter Sunday hit-and-run case in which a young woman caused a chain-reaction crash on Camp Creek Parkway that killed five people, including a newborn and two young children, left the scene of the accident, and, with the help of her mother, tampered with evidence in an attempt to avoid arrest. Both mother and daughter were convicted and sentenced to prison.

On behalf of the family of a crime victim murdered in cold blood on the grounds of an apartment complex long known for criminal gang activity, Tanya brought suit against the property owner for negligent security and failure to protect its tenants, including minor children and minority residents. Her advocacy resulted in a significant out-of-court settlement that recognized the value of the victim’s life.In a similar case, Tanya represented a crime victim who was gravely wounded during a botched robbery attempt at a motel where he was a guest. Arguing that the motel owners were aware the property was unsafe but did nothing to warn unsuspecting guests about known criminal activity, Miller fought for and obtained a confidential settlement for her injured client.

As defense attorney, Tanya was able to overcome the prejudicial effects of her client’s reputation as both a Russian mobster and FBI informant with an extensive criminal history to prove that he was wrongfully accused and charged with murder. Through dogged pursuit of a masterful criminal motions strategy, she identified improprieties in the arrest, charges, evidence, and the state’s case that were blatant violations of the accused’s constitutional rights. She successfully argued the case before the Georgia Supreme Court and won dismissal of charges. She defended a 14-year-old boy who not only was wrongly implicated and arrested but also improperly charged as an adult in a double-homicide case that generated widespread media attention and significant public outrage. Recognizing the child as a victim of officials’ rush to judgment and inadequate investigation, Tanya assembled a legal team to reexamine the details and prove his innocence. In dismissing the charges, the presiding judge declared in open court that Miller’s painstaking pursuit of exoneration for her innocent client “renewed my faith in the system.”

Tanya has a soft spot for children, victims and underdogs, and she is relentless in her determination to set things right.

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Bar Admissions
Admitted in 2005
Admitted in 1999
Case Western Reserve University
Graduated 1999
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75 14th Street NE Suite 2110, Atlanta, GA 30309
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
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