What is the U.S. News Lawyer Directory – powered by Best Lawyers®?

It is a comprehensive guide for consumers showcasing all practicing attorneys in the U.S. The Lawyer Directory is a resource that provides a broad-based platform for clients looking for legal representation. While the directory itself does not include scores, ratings, or rankings, lawyers who choose to purchase an expanded profile in the directory will be able to display their rankings and awards.

Who is this endeavor designed for?

This resource is designed for the general public and consumers of legal services to identify lawyers who fit their needs.

Where will the listings appear?

Listings for the U.S. News Lawyer Directory – powered by Best Lawyers® will appear on U.S. News’ website at: lawyers.usnews.com.

What is the difference between Best Lawyers and the U.S. News Lawyer Directory?

Best Lawyers is a peer-review publication that highlights top legal talent. The Lawyer Directory will display all lawyers in private practice in the U.S., not just those recognized by Best Lawyers.

Why did Best Lawyers and U.S. News undertake building the Lawyer Directory?

This platform was created to provide the marketplace with a comprehensive resource. Not every client needs the same type of lawyer in a given city or practice area; the Lawyer Directory will help consumers find the best fit for their needs.

Does being listed on lawyers.usnews.com indicate any sort of prestige or selection?

No score, rating, or additional value will be applied to the lawyers visible on the site. Lawyers who choose to purchase an expanded profile in the directory will be able to highlight their rankings and awards.

Can I link to my Lawyer Directory profile page?

Yes, you are welcome to link to your lawyer directory profile from other websites, social media outlets (like LinkedIn), and other external platforms.

How are the names being compiled?

Researchers are reviewing firm directories and bar association lists to collect the initial names appearing on the site. Additionally, firms will be able to supply names and edit listings if they so choose.

How is the accuracy of the list maintained?

We will rely on lawyers to self-police their information, similar to the methods used on LinkedIn. However, should any lawyer misrepresent his or her affiliations, there will be a process to request additional research and the removal of listings.

Do lawyers pay to be included?

No. There is no fee to appear on lawyers.usnews.com, although lawyers may choose to purchase an expanded profile in the directory. Additional marketing opportunities are available for those who would like more exposure.

Will this resource include lawyers from other countries?

No, our mission is to capture lawyers in private practice in the U.S. only.

Will the site include corporate counsel?

Not at this time. The initial launch will only include lawyers working in private practice.

How can I receive additional information?

Contact us at info@lawyerregister.com or sign up to receive updates on lawyers.usnews.com.

How do I request my name be added to the site?

If your name does not appear on the site, and you are a lawyer in private practice in the U.S., please email us at info@lawyerregister.com to have your profile added.

What if I do not want my profile to appear?

If you would like your information removed, please contact us at info@lawyerregister.com and we will facilitate your request.

How can I edit my information on this site?

Lawyers will create personal accounts to maintain and update the information that appears on their individual profiles.

How quickly will my information be updated?

Lawyers will create accounts for this purpose to maintain their own information. Updates and edits to profiles will appear immediately unless otherwise noted.

What if I want a Premium Profile?

Premium Profiles are available for purchase and come with preferred placement in the search results on our site. Please login to your account to upgrade and expand your exposure on lawyers.usnews.com.

Can clients leave comments?

Yes, if you have a Premium Profile, clients can visit your profile and leave a comment on your work. You will have the opportunity to review any pending client comments before they are published to your Premium Profile.

Can I delete client comments?

Yes, if you wish to remove a client comment from your profile you may do so at any time using your admin account.

Can I change a client comment?

No. If you would like a change to be made to a submitted client comment, please reach out to them directly to submit a new comment for review.

What is a commendation?

A commendation is a professional recommendation. Commendations can only be given by lawyers recognized in the current edition of Best Lawyers, but can be given to any lawyer on lawyers.usnews.com with a premium profile. Commendations have no impact on a listing or award by Best Lawyers. To learn more about how to become a candidate for recognition by Best Lawyers or to nominate an attorney for consideration in Best Lawyers, visit: bestlawyers.com.

How do I request a commendation?

To request a commendation, you must first have a premium profile. From there, you can access a list of eligible lawyers to request they provide a commendation on your work. Requesting and/or receiving a commendation has no impact on future Best Lawyers recognition.

How do I provide a commendation?

To provide a commendation, you must first be recognized in Best Lawyers. Learn more by reviewing the Best Lawyers methodology. Once you are recognized in Best Lawyers, log in to your Best Lawyers admin account. You can submit a commendation to any lawyer on Lawyer Directory with a premium profile, regardless of whether or not they are also recognized by Best Lawyers.

Can I review commendations?

Yes. You will be able to review all pending commendations before publishing them to your premium profile. You can also remove a commendation (given or received) at any time. Providing a commendation on a lawyer’s work will not automatically nominate him or her for consideration in Best Lawyers.

To learn more about Commendations, please visit our Commendations Frequently Asked Questions page.

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