Commendations FAQ

What is a commendation?

A commendation is a professional recommendation.

Who can receive a commendation?

Any attorney can receive a commendation. To review and promote a commendation to your profile, you must activate your premium profile on Lawyer Directory.

How can I request a commendation?

To request a commendation, you must first have a premium profile on Lawyer Directory, (please view our "For Lawyers" page here to review details and purchase your premium profile). From there, you can access a list of eligible attorneys to request they provide a commendation on your work.

Will I be notified if I have received a commendation request?

Attorneys listed in Best Lawyers will get an email notification informing them they’ve been asked to provide a commendation. Also, recipients of commendations will be notified through email that they have received a commendation. You can opt out of these notifications at any time by accessing your admin portal.

Can I review commendations before they are published online?

You can review pending commendations before they are published to your profile. You can also remove commendations from your profile at any time.

Can I edit a commendation before publishing to my profile?

No. If you would like the substance of your commendation changed, please request the lawyer who wrote the commendation to submit a new version of the professional recommendation.

Can I make a received commendation anonymous or can I anonymously submit a commendation?

At this time, all commendations will be tied to the submitter’s name.

Can I give another attorney recognized in Best Lawyers a commendation?

Yes. Anyone who appears on the Lawyer Directory site may receive a commendation.

Does receiving a commendation mean I’m recognized in Best Lawyers?

No, commendations do not impact recognition in Best Lawyers. To learn more about Best Lawyers, visit

Does providing a commendation nominate an attorney to Best Lawyers?

No, providing a commendation does not nominate an attorney for consideration in Best Lawyers. To nominate an attorney for Best Lawyers please visit

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