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Tyler L. Farmer

999 Third Avenue, Suite 4400 Seattle, Washington 98104
Firm: Harrigan Leyh Farmer & Thomsen LLP
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Harrigan Leyh Farmer & Thomsen LLP

Years In Practice

Phone Number (206) 623-1700

Tyler is regularly identified among the top commercial trial lawyers in the state. Best Lawyers in America, Chambers USA, Super Lawyers, and Benchmark Litigation. For 2021, Best Lawyers has recognized Tyler for commercial litigation, appellate practice, and intellectual property litigation.

In its 2020 edition, Chambers USA touted Tyler's trial experience and wrote that he "is a popular choice for bet the company litigation."

Benchmark Litigation has observed that: "On the younger end of the generational spectrum, Tyler Farmer is recognized as 'one of the strongest up-and-coming trial lawyers.  Unlike many lawyers of his vintage, he is actually the lead counsel on many cases he's involved in.  Farmer, along with Harrigan, recently tried, and won, a two-week case involving a 40-acre property near downtown Bellevue."

Tyler handles complex legal matters, including litigation and investigations. He is AV® Preeminent™ rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, and an associate fellow in the Litigation Counsel of America.

Some of Tyler's most recent matters include:

In 2019-20, Tyler defended an international charitable organization in a complex securities fraud case.  Following a four week trial, Tyler obtained dismissal of plaintiff's claim.

In 2018, Tyler, along with Tim Leyh, tried a complex commercial dispute between Internet companies before a 12 person jury in King County Superior Court.  The firm's client prevailed on 5 of 6 claims and reduced the plaintiff's damages award claim to $72,000 from a claim of over $27 million at trial.  Tyler handled several fact witnesses and all five of the expert witnesses, including the successful dismantling of plaintiff's damages case.  In post-trial motion practice, the court reversed the sole claim against our client (i.e. 100% win) and awarded our client over $2 million in attorneys fee.  The Court of Appeals affirmed.

In 2017, on behalf of an international consulting firm, Tyler settled a complex breach of contract case after extensive negotiations with the opposing party.  By demonstrating the opposing party’s liability, the firm obtained a full recovery of the fees due under the consulting agreement without incurring the expense and delay of full litigation.

In 2017, on behalf of a private equity firm, Tyler recovered insurance coverage for claims for which the insurer initially had not provided coverage.

In 2017, Tyler obtained a seven-figure recovery for property damage to commercial real estate harmed by dewatering operations performed in connection with a public works project.  Through pre-suit negotiations and exchanges of expert analysis, the case was settled at mediation before a single deposition without incurring the business distraction and expenses of normal litigation.

In 2016, Tyler tried, and won, a complex case involving fiduciary duty and employment disputes, between co-founders of a tech firm.  The trial victory prevented the opposing party from ousting his fellow owner and forcing a buy-out of his shares.

In 2016, Tyler represented a start-up and venture capital firm in a complex eight-figure dispute against one of the largest telecommunications carriers in the country.  Tyler handled 12 of the 13 depositions, which included executives, network engineers, and financial damages experts.  The case was successfully resolved shortly before trial.

In 2016, Tyler defended a commercial real estate investor against claims for constructive eviction arising from a construction project.  The claims were successfully resolved by demonstrating the absence of any legal basis for asserting the claims through pre-suit negotiations.

In 2016, Tyler represented a multinational energy company in lawsuit against municipal entities and contractors to recover for property damage caused by construction activities; successfully resolved at mediation, including recovery of majority of attorneys’ fees.

In 2015 – 2016, Tyler has served as lead counsel in cases throughout the country, including California (class action, trade practices, cybersquatting), Colorado (real estate investment dispute), Georgia (class action), Illinois (class action), Minnesota (class action), Mississippi (Fair Credit Reporting Act), New Jersey (Internet content), Nevada (representing creditor in bankruptcy proceedings), Oklahoma (Communications Decency Act), South Carolina (Fair Credit Reporting Act), Virginia (class action), and Washington.

Tyler's full bio is available on the firm's website www.harriganleyh.com


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  • Super Lawyers 2012 - 2020
  • Benchmark Litigation, Local Litigation Star 2016 - 2020
  • Associate Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America
  • AV® Preeminent™ rated by Martindale-Hubbell
  • Super Lawyers Top 100
  • Chambers USA for Commercial Litigation
University of Notre Dame, JD
Graduated 2000
Contact Details and Office Locations
999 Third Avenue, Suite 4400
Seattle, Washington 98104
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