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Suren G Adams

4201 Northview Drive, Suite 401 Bowie, Maryland 20716
Firm: Adams Law Office, LLC
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Adams Law Office, LLC

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Phone Number (301) 805-5892

Suren G. Adams is an attorney with a passion for organization and excellence. She founded Adams Law Office, LLC over 17 years ago to help her clients get their financial houses in order and find peace of mind.  Suren is a published author and speaker, presenting on estate planning throughout the Maryland metro area on radio and tv.

An experienced member of the Maryland Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, Elder Counsel, Wealth Counsel, and the Christian Legal Society, Suren obtained her Juris Doctorate degree from George Washington University Law School after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government & Politics and completing course work for a Master of Arts degree in English with a specialty in Rhetoric from the University of Maryland.

Suren’s goal is to provide each client with excellent legal services from their first contact with the firm to the conclusion of their case and beyond. She and her staff enjoy going above and beyond what is generally expected from lawyers and law firms today.

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Bar Admissions
District of Columbia
Admitted in 2004
Admitted in 2002

*Best Law Firms in DC 2020 by US News and World Report

*America's Most Honored Lawyers 2018-2020

*Lawyers of Distinction 2019

*Avvo Top-Rated Lawyer 2018-2020

*Avvo Clients' Choice Award 2019

Organizations & Affiliations
Alliance of Black Women Attorneys
Christian Legal Society
District of Columbia Bar Association
Elder Counsel
Maryland Bar Association
Wealth Counsel
George Washington University, Juris Doctorate
Graduated 2002
Contact Details and Office Locations
4201 Northview Drive, Suite 401
Bowie, Maryland 20716
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