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1800 Cooper Pt. Road SW Buillding One Olympia, Washington 98502
Firm: Henderson Law Group, PLLC
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Henderson Law Group, PLLC

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Phone Number (360) 943-7710

I lead our Employment Law practice at Henderson Law Group, bringing 15 years' experience in general and employment law litigation. Admitted to practice law in WA State WSBA# 33567 (2003-present) and federal U.S. Dist. Ct. for W. Dist. of WA (2014-present). No history of disciplinary action.


EMPLOYEES. Our focus is mainly Plaintiff's work, representing employees enduring harassment, retaliation, discrimination from their current or former employer.  We are committed to helping maintain a workplace that is not only free from discrimination, but where employees are paid what they have earned under the law.

EMPLOYERS. I am retained by a handful of small-midsize local employers, advising on maintaining policies and procedures that help to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, drafting/revising employee handbooks, counseling through the legal landmines of effective firing/hiring practices, employee FMLA leave, reasonable accommodation of employees with disabilities, presenting preventative "Appropriate Employee Behavior" seminars to employers/HR departments, and much more…

? SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER WITH EVERY CLIENT. I witness mistakes every day made by high volume law firms in taking on too many clients – dividing each case among several overworked attorneys assigned to manage one part of the case; typically not included in the big picture of who the client is and what the client wants as a “win.”  We do things differently. I take a more holistic approach to each client's case…and my results speak for themselves. Personally working every case end-to-end: issue-spotting all viable WA State & federal legal claims from client's facts, exhaustive case-specific legal research, crafting a compelling & well-supported case theme, followed by detailed persuasive briefing including a comprehensive demand with nationwide comparators of damages awarded in cases similar to our client's. I purposefully maintain a Plaintiff’s caseload of 20 or fewer clients, referring many potential clients to my peers. My proven personal strategy is to take a deeper dive into fewer cases. Our brand of wrap-around client compassion & expert legal strategy tailored to each client’s specific facts, results in a proven track record of exceptional outcomes for our clients.

COMMUNITY LEADER. Dedicated to anti-oppression & equal rights advocacy, including currently serving as elected Chair of Women United Thurston County and on the Board of Directors for SafePlace Olympia (24-hour Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault advocacy & confidential safehouse shelter). 

? CASE RESULTS. In hiring our law firm to represent you, your objective is the same as ours – to deliver the results you need in a cost-effective manner.  We have a proven track record of success in a broad variety of employment disputes.  Each client’s case is unique. No two cases will result in the same outcome each time – even with similar facts and similar claims. Many times the resolution of a client’s claims involve both financial and non-financial remedies (depending on what our client is seeking).  Non-confidential accomplishments (and news stories covering those results) are below.

? Snapshot of recent results (list is not exhaustive):


$300,000.00 settlement won against private WA employer – federal ADA & WA State WLAD/RCW 49.60 claims, incl. disability discrimination and discrimination based on gender (pregnancy), failing to accommodate my client’s disability (epilepsy); retaliation for her bringing complaints of retaliation and discrimination.

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1800 Cooper Pt. Road SW Buillding One
Olympia, Washington 98502
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