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Stacey P. Nakasian

321 South Main Street, Suite 400 Providence, Rhode Island 02903
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Stacey Nakasian has over twenty-five years’ experience litigating complex commercial issues. She is known for her proactive and tenacious approach that achieves results and advances her clients’ needs and goals. She crafts litigation strategies tailored to her clients’ business objectives. She has prevailed in a wide range of cases including director and officer liability claims and shareholder disputes, fiduciary liability cases, intellectual property lawsuits and non-compete claims,  and insurance coverage disputes.

Stacey prosecutes and defends cases before Federal and State courts across the country, as well as in private arbitration settings. She has tried numerous cases to a jury, regularly appears in court to present or defend issues before judges, and has argued many appeals.

  • Stacey  succeeded in securing a $268,000 award for her client in an action against his investment advisor, the advisor’s supervisor and the investment firm. In a six-day arbitration, she built the case that the brokers and their firm had violated various securities regulations and common law duties by recommending and purchasing unsuitable investments in the client’s accounts. She successfully overcame defenses that her client was a sophisticated investor who understood and approved the high-risk trading undertaken in his accounts.
  • Stacey won a $438,000 award, including punitive damages, in an arbitration against brokers and brokerage firms on claims for churning and failure to supervise.
  • Stacey secured a $1.2 million judgment, including attorneys fees and punitive damages, in a trade secrets case tried to a jury on behalf of a manufacturer against its former employee and a competitor.
  • On behalf of beneficiaries of $500 million trust, Stacey led the briefing and argument that resulted in new law in Rhode Island regarding the circumstances under which a Court can deviate from the terms of a trust at the request of the trust’s beneficiaries.
  • Stacey represented the Small Business Association in a substantial and complex federal receivership case. Through discovery and after depositions, she succeeded in getting a substantial claim against the estate withdrawn, preserving the estate’s assets for other creditors.
  • In a trade secret and unfair competition case in California Superior Court against one of the nation’s largest video publishing companies and its subsidiary, Stacey obtained an injunction requiring the subsidiary to turn over work-product that her client needed to launch a new game. The injunction was affirmed on appeal.
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Named "Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers® for:
Litigation - Trusts and Estates, Providence (2023)
Litigation - Intellectual Property, Providence (2022)
Litigation - Trusts and Estates, Providence (2019)
Litigation - Trusts and Estates, Providence (2015)
Litigation - Intellectual Property, Providence (2013)
  • Stacey Nakasian was named the 2014 “Industry Leader for Professional Services” in the Providence Business News Business Women Awards program.
George Washington University, J.D.
Graduated 1991
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321 South Main Street, Suite 400
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
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