Scott J. Slavick

200 West Madison Street, Suite 3900 Chicago, Illinois 60606
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Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP

Years In Practice

Phone Number (312) 984-3100

Scott has over 25 years of experience representing famous brands. Scott is ultra-responsive and possesses the unique ability to explain his creative approach to protecting and policing famous brands to non-legal business and marketing professionals.

Scott is co-chair of BFKN’s Intellectual Property Group and a member of the Luxury Group. His practice focuses primarily on U.S. and international trademark prosecution, beginning with policing, managing, and protecting the expansive trademark portfolios of BFKN’s clients. Scott oversees complex worldwide search projects, answers complicated clearance questions for new product launches, and provides cost-effective analysis and strategy for discreetly resolving trademark disputes, many of which are high profile and at risk of becoming public. Scott’s vast U.S. and international trademark prosecution experience allows him to help clients manage, grow, and protect their IP portfolios. From clearing a new mark in multiple jurisdictions, registering it with the relevant trademark offices, policing it against infringers and defending a client’s use from threat of attack, through resolving potential conflicts before they reach litigation, Scott deftly tackles any trademark-related issue.

Scott’s practice particularly focuses on representing famous brands. Famous brands are sophisticated and dynamic with unique characteristics: they face fast-moving product cycles, they focus on legacy and heritage, they maintain an extraordinary commitment to quality, and they are now facing an increasing globalization of trends and styles. Legal strategy is crucial, and timing is everything. In this digital age when opportunities and threats can arise at a moment’s notice, famous brands need a legal business partner who understands their objectives and can navigate them through the unique demands of being a famous brand. Scott understands the distinctive issues that famous brands face because he has served as the primary outside IP counsel for some of the world’s most iconic brands for years, including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Lamborghini and Tiffany.

In order to effectively protect the worldwide scope of all of the brands he handles, Scott has developed an expansive network of foreign associates through years of building personal relationships, with whom he has negotiated cost certainty to benefit his clients, and who share Scott’s vision for how brands need to be curated and protected.

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Georgetown University, J.D.
Graduated 1998
Northwestern University, B.A.
Graduated 1995
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200 West Madison Street, Suite 3900
Chicago, Illinois 60606
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