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Robert M. "Bob" Duffy

321 South Main Street, Suite 400 Providence, Rhode Island 02903
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Duffy & Sweeney, LTD

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Phone Number (401) 455-0700

Robert Duffy is a founding shareholder of the firm. With close to three decades of experience, Bob has handled federal and state court trial and arbitration litigation throughout the United States.

His diverse and complex business litigation and trial practice includes a focus on intellectual property — including patent and ERP software — as well as construction, fiduciary, shareholder, M&A, and  health care. His wide array of clients range from financial services companies to physician groups and  healthcare systems to technology companies to manufacturing and distribution companies.

Recognized for his counseling as much as for his trial work, Bob routinely advises business owners, chief executives and boards of directors on business litigation avoidance and strategy. He regularly counsels corporations and shareholders on fiduciary duty matters. He has successfully counseled and litigated matters involving ERP implementations and SAP ECC functionality and ASAP methodology.

In the healthcare arena, he has helped clients with matters of  credentialing, captive insurance, physician and system agreements, general employment, and corporate and shareholder transactions.

As a trial lawyer for over 28 years, Bob has handled hundreds of commercial and intellectual property cases across the country, many through trial and appeal.He has served as lead trial counsel for clients in intellectual property, maritime, broker dealer, ERP, trade secret, technology and contract litigation in numerous states including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Texas and Florida.

He has represented clients as lead counsel in matters of corporate governance and fiduciary disputes,  life insurance coverage and settlement litigation, merger-and-acquisition litigation and beyond.

Recent matters include:

  • After an 11-day trial in Superior Court, Robert Duffy successfully defended trustees against fiduciary claims and obtained an award of both executor and trustee compensation. 
  • After a 9-day arbitration, Robert Duffy successfully defended a boat manufacturer against claims of fraud, defect and product liability arising out of the manufacture of 3 large passenger ferries.
  • Robert Duffy successfully prosecuted to settlement, on the eve of trial, claims on behalf of its technology client arising out of a failed SAP global ERP implementation.
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Named "Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers® for:
Litigation - Intellectual Property, Providence (2019)
Providence College
Graduated 1982
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321 South Main Street, Suite 400
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
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