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Melissa J. Nilsson

220 South Sixth Street, Suite 1800 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-4503
Firm: Henson & Efron, P.A.
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Henson & Efron, P.A.

Years In Practice

Phone Number (612) 339-2500

“I believe that attorneys should treat their clients with dignity and respect, in the same way they would want one of their own family members treated while going through this difficult process.”

I am the calm eye of the storm providing clients with empathy and unwavering confidence to navigate this overwhelming time in their lives.

It sounds basic, yet it’s true—helping people is the most rewarding part of my job. I enjoy talking with people and finding common ground to build great relationships. By their own admission, clients are often not the best version of themselves during this time, so bringing them supportive peace and calm is important to me.

With over 15 years of family law experience, I help spouses, parents, and grandparents with disputes involving:

  • Spousal Maintenance / Alimony
  • Business and Property Valuation and Division
  • Analysis of Tax Issues
  • Analysis and Preservation of Nonmarital Interests
  • Analysis of Executive Compensation
  • Retirement Benefits Valuation and Division
  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time / Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Separate Maintenance and Legal Separation
  • Paternity
  • Third Party Custody
  • Third Party Visitation
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Post Decree Proceedings
  • Family Law Appeals

Clients turn to me because they are concerned about their future and confused about the complicated process. Clients are able to ask me any question without the fear of feeling foolish because of the relationship that has been created. Although I am empathetic and supportive of clients, I am also a realist: I explain in layman’s terms the process and potential issues, and set reasonable expectations about the outcome.

Being a lawyer and a parent, I am a multitasker and master organizer, which enables me to prepare my clients well. I am always thinking one step ahead in order to avoid surprise. Family law litigation is an emotional and stressful time. My clients need me to be their rock and my unflappable personality allows me to do so.

See my full bio here.

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  • Minnesota Super Lawyers–Rising Stars®, 2008–2012
University of North Dakota, J.D.
Graduated 2000
University of North Dakota, B.A.
Graduated 1997
Contact Details and Office Locations
Office: (612) 339-2500
220 South Sixth Street, Suite 1800
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-4503
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