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Martin T. Fletcher

Seven Saint Paul Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202-1636
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Whiteford Taylor Preston LLP

Years In Practice

Phone Number (410) 347-8700

Mr. Fletcher, who serves as the Managing Partner of the firm, is an experienced business advisor, representing companies from the boardroom to the courtroom. Having previously served as In-House Counsel at Maryland National Bank/NationsBank, he brings a wealth of practical experience to complex legal issues. A sampling of his wide-ranging experience follows.

Business and Corporate Law

  • Mr. Fletcher advises a wide array of enterprises on their business and corporate law needs

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Mr. Fletcher represents companies that are buying and selling assets, divisions, or entire enterprises

Director and Officer Corporate Governance

  • Mr. Fletcher advises boards of directors and their officers on a wide variety of corporate governance topics. These include buying and selling assets, resolving litigation, investigating claims, restructuring assets and liabilities, chapter 11 proceedings, and business disputes

Cyber Security and Information Privacy

  • Mr. Fletcher advises businesses on a variety of cyber security and information privacy matters. He has worked not just from the legal side of risk allocation and contracting with respect to cyber security matters, but has also advised businesses on strategies for improving their risk profile and protecting their data systems
  • Mr. Fletcher is on the advisory board of the Information Assurance Small Business Association and is a member of the National Cryptologic Foundation

Bankruptcy Litigation

  • Mr. Fletcher advises debtors, creditors’ committees, trustees, creditors, and a host of parties involved in bankruptcy related litigation

Bankruptcy Trustee Representation

Mr. Fletcher has represented trustees in particularly complex investigations. Examples include:

  • In re Coleman Craten LLC (Trustee's Counsel in liquidation of Baltimore based securities firm and investigation of related fraud/securities claims)
  • In re LifeOne, Inc. (Trustee's Counsel in investigation of fraudulent transfer claims and liquidation of assets of life insurance holding company)

Special Counsel Services, including D&O Governance and Professional Liability

Mr. Fletcher has served as special litigation counsel to Trustees pursuing large and complex claims. Examples include:

  • In re Just for Feet, Inc. (Special Litigation Counsel to Chapter 7 Trustee in pursuing hundreds of avoidance actions and a D&O and accountant malpractice action)

Chapter 11 Reorganizations Debtor Representation

Mr. Fletcher has represented numerous large and complex enterprises in the restructuring of their assets and liabilities through chapter 11 proceedings. Examples include:

  • In re PG&E National Energy Group, Inc. (Debtors' Co-Counsel for multi-billion dollar power generation and gas transmission company)
  • In re LSP Limited Partnership (Debtors’ Counsel to owner-operator of electric generation facility)
  • In re Baltimore Emergency Services II LLC (Debtors' Co-Counsel for national physician practice management company with over 250 subsidiaries)
  • In re Sunterra Corporation (Debtors' Co-Counsel for publicly traded timeshare company)
  • In re Frank's Nursery (Debtors' Co-Counsel for retailer)
  • In re USinternetworking (Debtors' Co-Counsel for publicly traded internet company)
  • In re Railworks Corporation (Debtors' Co-Counsel for publicly traded construction company)
  • In re Porter-Hayden Corporation (Debtors' Counsel for mass tort asbestos defendant)
  • In re Pocket Communications (Debtors' Counsel for cellular phone start-up company)
  • In re Kiddie Academy International (Debtors' Counsel for publicly traded franchisor)

Creditors’ Committee Representation

Mr. Fletcher has represented numerous creditors’ committees in chapter 11 proceedings. Examples include:

  • In re Cherrydale Farms, Inc. (Committee Counsel in liquidation of candy company with over $80 million in annual sales)
  • In re Imperial Home Decor Group, Inc. (Committee Counsel for reorganization of World's largest wallpaper manufacturing company with over $500 million in annual sales)

Nonprofit Corporate Services

Mr. Fletcher has represented non-profit and charitable enterprises in financial restructuring matters. Examples include:

  • In re Erickson Retirement Communities (Counsel to 17 non-profit communities managed by Erickson)

Pre-bankruptcy Planning

  • Mr. Fletcher advises businesses and their boards on options for maximizing the value of their assets and improving their operations with pre-bankruptcy planning strategies

International Practice

  • Mr. Fletcher advises business with respect to their international transactions. He also assists them in resolving international business disputes and litigation

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

  • Mr. Fletcher has served as counsel to 17 non-profit CCRCs
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Duke University, J.D.
Graduated 1990
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Seven Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-1636
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