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Kimberly Cole provides unique legal services in family law matters. Primarily through mediation, Kim assists a separating couple with all necessary information and knowledge for each of them to then be enabled to reach terms for all legal issues present; and this process provides an option that costs considerably less than litigation, enables the couple to remain civil, if not friendly, to continue co-parenting and/or handling all matters that come up in the future. This process has been developed by Kim beginning in 1986 and which provides a systematic method of identifying and resolving all issues as needed, as well as providing professionally prepared documents to accomplish those goals.  

Kim provides a one-half hour free phone consultation to review the process, fees, and go over any other questions for potential clients.  If you would like to schedule this phone consultation, please contact my office.  We will send you an Explanation of Services which reviews the services provided and has a current fee schedule, and reviewing this information is step one.  This can be emailed or mailed to you, at your option, or if you are local, you can also pick it up if you prefer.  

Kim does NOT handle any litigation or contested cases but instead uses all available options to keep people out of court and resolve issues through agreement.  This is successful in the vast majority of cases, my best guess would be 95% .     When you are involved in litigation, it is not unusual for a large amount of your assets end up going to the lawyers involved, and not ending up being kept by the parties involved.   This is NOT necessary.  The ONLY thing necessary for this to work is that you both WANT to reach an agreement.  You do not have to be able to communicate.  You do not have to know the extent of your assets (that will become clear).  You may, if you wish, have outside counsel, but that is not a requirement.  The process that Kim uses for mediation ensures that both parties know what is needed, and have plenty of time to make necessary decisions.  

If you are not sure what your next step should be, please contact Kim, read the information we will send you, and set up the free phone consultation, as Kim is often able to help you to determine what methodology fits your situation best.    Thank you, and Kim is looking forward to speaking with you.

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Bar Admissions
Admitted in 1986
Work Experience
Law Office of Kimberly Cole
1986 - Current
Lincoln Law School of Sacramento
Graduated 1986
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3030 Taylor Road
Loomis, California 95650
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