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Gloria M. Velazquez

8102 North West 158th Terrace Miami Lakes, Florida 33016-7119
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Gloria M. Velazquez

Years In Practice

Phone Number (305) 725-4566

Practices | Real Estate | Land Use and Zoning | Government Affairs | Miami-Dade County | Florida

Gloria Velazquez is an attorney in Miami, Florida.  Ms. Velazquez has a wide range of experience as a land use and zoning attorney in Miami-Dade County. She focuses her practice in the areas of land acquisition, due diligence, land use and zoning, permitting and governmental matters. Ms.Velazquez represents clients in numerous aspects of the real estate development process, from conceptual planning, contract negotiation, real estate due diligence, and entitlements, including platting, building permits, and certificates of occupancy. Ms. Velazquez works with residential and commercial developers, landowners, joint venture partners, and realtors in numerous municipalities, such as Miami, Hialeah, Palmetto Bay, West Miami, Miami Lakes, and Doral, as well as unincorporated Miami-Dade County. She represents clients before governmental bodies in order to secure zoning and site plan approvals, special exceptions, variances, comprehensive development master plan amendments, special taxing districts and plat approvals.

Ms. Velazquez appears before the Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) and other regulatory boards. She negotiates and drafts agreements and covenants, and assists clients with resolving all aspects of permitting issues. As part of the development approval process, she routinely engages community stakeholders and manages tasks with architects, traffic engineers, surveyors and other project consultants.

Ms. Velazquez's major representative projects include residential urban high-rises, residential large-scale suburban communities, mixed-use developments, retail, commercial, institutional, utility, outdoor advertising and rock mining activities.  She is well-versed in handling matters involving developments with wetland issues, utility plants, landfills and resource recovery facilities.

As part of her government practice, Ms. Velazquez has advised clients during the government procurement process, including due diligence, submittal, and negotiations in Miami-Dade County with the Miami-Dade County School Board.  Her experience includes handling the request for proposal (RFP) process and contract negotiations in Georgia, as well as assisting clients with regulatory compliance in accordance with award agreements. Additionally, her representation has included bids and awards at a national college and university-level school system. Ms. Velazquez has drafted numerous code amendments in various municipal jurisdictions and has extensive knowledge of the Community Development District (CDD) process.

With the perspective of a lifetime resident of Miami-Dade County, Ms. Velazquez has successfully guided clients through all phases of the South Florida development process.

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  • Florida Legal Elite, Florida Trend magazine, 2017, 2018
  • Best Lawyers 2021, Land Use and Zoning, Real Estate
  • Latin Builders Association, LBA, Attorney of the Year, 2003
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8102 North West 158th Terrace
Miami Lakes, Florida 33016-7119
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