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Darin M. Klemchuk

8150 North Central Expressway, 10th Floor Dallas, Texas 75206
Firm: Klemchuk PLLC
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Klemchuk PLLC

Years In Practice

Phone Number (214) 367-6000

I help businesses solve problems involving intellectual property (IP) law, business strategy, and technology law with an emphasis on intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, anti-counterfeiting, IP portfolio strategy, and commercial litigation.  

Intellectual Property Litigation & Business Litigation

I have handled more than 500 intellectual property disputes, including over 40 patent infringement cases and hundreds of IP enforcement actions. I also have significant experience litigating commercial and business disputes, including non-compete, partnership, fiduciary duty, and breach of contract disputes. I have also represented a number of clients in obtaining and resisting requests for injunctive relief in cases involving non-competes, trade secrets, trademarks, and patents.

Serving as Texas local counsel to out-of-state parties involved in patent, trademark, copyright, IP, and commercial litigation in state and federal courts in Dallas, Texas and in the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern District of Texas federal courts, my practice includes representing both plaintiffs and defendants as Texas local counsel. For more information on Texas patent litigation, see my post Texas Patent Litigation Resources.

Anti-Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Portfolio Enforcement

In addition to IP litigation, my practice is also focused on anti-counterfeiting programs and IP portfolio enforcement. We have developed software-driven anti-counterfeiting/IP enforcement programs that have handled hundreds of enforcement actions for clients ranging from luxury brands and consumer products manufacturers to online service providers and software publishers.

Intellectual Property Strategy and General Legal Counseling

My practice also includes assisting companies to increase their market share and protect their competitive advantage by identifying and protecting valuable branding, technological innovation, software, and other property, and by procuring trademark, copyright, and patent rights. I also advise clients on licensing, acquisitions, due diligence, and internet law and eCommerce, including branding in cyberspace and social media and trademark issues related to the Internet and online brand protection.

I represent Fortune 500® corporations, growing companies that benefit from broad intellectual property counseling, and startup companies with disruptive technologies.

I also offer to serve as Virtual General Counsel and Virtual IP Counsel for companies without in-house counsel.

Managing Partner

One of my chief passions is to revolutionize the way legal services are delivered through thought leadership on changing how law firms are structured and legal services are priced to provide a different kind of experience for both clients and professionals in the legal industry. For our thoughts on law firm culture, including topics such as corporate core values, workplace productivity, entrepreneurial management, positive work environment, positive workplace, and conscious capitalism, see our Culture Counts blog.

I also publish a blog called Thriving Attorney dedicated to exploring the business of the practice of law, productivity and performance for attorneys, and other topics such as law firm leadership and management, law firm culture, and business development for attorneys.

In my spare time, I “invest and advise” in small businesses.

I earned a J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.

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Vanderbilt University, J.D.
Graduated 1997
University of Washington, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Graduated 1990
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8150 North Central Expressway, 10th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75206
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