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Scott A. Farrow

Building One, Suite 300, 4200 Northside Parkway, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30327
Firm: Conley Griggs Partin LLP
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Conley Griggs Partin LLP

Years In Practice

Phone Number (404) 467-1155

Scott Farrow currently serves as Of Counsel Attorney for Conley Griggs Partin LLP. He specializes in product liability, premises liability, truck/car accidents, fire- related injuries, and business disputes. He has handled over 50 cases involving electrical injuries, including electrocutions and severe burns, and many cases involving serious brain injuries.

Scott spent over 30 years handling high stakes litigation at Troutman Sanders LLP, one of the largest law firms in the country, and became a senior partner and practice group leader. Over the years, Scott developed a hybrid practice – defending large companies in complex cases while also representing people who suffered catastrophic injuries. He realized the cases he found most fulfilling and emotionally rewarding were the ones where he represented everyday people whose lives had been forever altered by a tragic event. 

In 2018, he joined Conley Griggs Partin LLP to focus exclusively on representing people who were injured and businesses that experienced substantial losses.

The following are some of Scott’s more significant cases on the plaintiff’s side:

Sports Injury: Catastrophic traumatic brain injury of a seventh grade football player who received a jarring hit from a high school player during an illegal scrimmage.

Product Liability: Severe thermal and chemical burns case involving a defectively designed door on a dry cleaning machine that resulted in the door flying open while the machine was in operation, spewing hot chemicals on the owner.

Automobile Product Liability (Park-to-Reverse): Wrongful death case  involving the tragic loss of the owner of a Land Rover who had walked behind the car to open the garage door when the car suddenly self-shifted into reverse.

Airplane Product Liability: Severe thermal burns to a passenger when an ASA propeller fractured in mid-flight, resulting in a crash landing in Carrollton, Georgia.

Truck Accident: Severe back and shoulder injuries to a man who was rear-ended by a moving truck on I-75.

Garden Equipment Product Liability: Loss of leg to the operator of a negligently designed Sears rototiller.

Libel/Copyright Infringement: Two cases against the National Enquirer, one involving a false story and the other involving the publication of photographs without authorization.

On the defense side, Scott handled cases involving electrocutions (overhead lines, pad-mounted transformers, and commercial panel boxes), product liability cases, truck accidents, fire cases, and business disputes. His experience includes many of the most noteworthy decisions by the Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals regarding high voltage accidents.  He also developed a unique expertise in easement disputes, including the reversal of a trial court decision in one of the largest class action easement disputes in Georgia history (MEAG v. Gold-Arrow Farms, Inc., 276 Ga. App. 862 (2005)).

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Building One, Suite 300, 4200 Northside Parkway, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30327
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