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Robert Erven "Bob" Brown

1221 East Osborn Road, Suite 105 Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Firm: Schmitt Schneck Even & Williams, P.C.
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Schmitt Schneck Even & Williams, P.C.

Years In Practice


Phone Number (602) 240-1032

Over his 45+ career, Bob focused his law practice in real estate, commercial transactions and charitable organizations.  He has represented clients in a commercial and real estate transactions with particular expertise in church and para-church ministries and in medical real estate transactions.  Bob advises clients in a wide range of business transactions of ongoing operations.  Through his nonprofit work over the last 15 years, he  represents secular and faith-based nonprofit entities, including churches, synagogues, temples, denominations, Christian schools, rescue missions, a seminary, an adoption agency, prison transition ministries, human services organizations, health-related charities and other faith-based entities.

Working closely with his nonprofit clients, Bob is frequent seminar speaker and a trusted advisor to executive leaders, board members and committees in the identification of risks and  implementation of appropriate protections for key assets of the organization.  He counsels boards and leadership teams on multi-site church development, church mergers, board governance, campus development and construction, entity planning services, real estate asset protection, insurance coverage and other aspects of ongoing operations. 

After years of extensive involvement in the nonprofit sector, Bob developed a comprehensive program to guide nonprofit operations. The Campus Preservation Planning™  program protects critical assets of faith-based ministries and secular charities against uninsurable, under-insured, and uninsured unjust claims while simultaneously improving overall risk management and stewardship performance.  This program has been adopted by nonprofit organizations across the country.

Bob served on the steering committee to form the Religious Liberty Section of the Arizona State Bar Association, one of the first of its kind in the United States.  He has served as a moderator in the Bar's Professionalism Course since 1999 and has served as a faculty to train other moderators. Bob is a member of the Alliance Defending Freedom's Allied Attorney Honor Corps and a frequent speaker at both local and national seminars.

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Bar Admissions
Admitted in 1974
University of Wyoming, J.D.
Graduated 1974
Yale University, BS
Graduated 1971
Contact Details and Office Locations
1221 East Osborn Road, Suite 105
Phoenix, Arizona 85014
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