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R. Dean Gresham

12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 1045 Dallas, Texas 75230
Firm: Gresham Law Group

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Gresham Law Group

Years In Practice


Phone Number (214) 287-5722
Dean Gresham is a founding member of the Gresham Law Group, a firm handling commercial and class action litigation across the country. Gresham is probably best known for successfully representing victims in the first class action against Google and Yahoo! for “click fraud”; and he is currently representing clients in the GM Ignition Switch Litigation, Takata Airbag Recall Litigation, KIA Motors MPF-Fraud Litigation, a testament to Gresham’s ability to take on some of the largest corporations in America without blinking. Gresham’s practice is focused on high stakes, complex litigation across country.   In 2010, Gresham started GRESHAM pc —a firm that is AV Preeminent® rated by Martindale-Hubbell®. While Gresham began his career handling personal injury defense, he transitioned to plaintiffs’ personal injury and business litigation after tiring of defending dishonest and greedy insurance companies.   “There was one case in particular that I worked on involving a young boy who died after falling off a slide on a Dairy Queen playground,” Gresham recalls. “After handling that case I knew I couldn’t work for these corporations and insurance companies anymore.”  Gresham says, “I was put on this earth to help others, not harm them and make sure they don’t get their day in court.”   Gresham served as co-lead counsel in the largest vehicular manslaughter case in Texas history, in which 10 people were killed by an out-of-control 18 wheeler. In 2014, Gresham was retained by families of the victims killed when a Union Pacific train slammed into a Veteran’s Day Parade in Midland, Texas, killing four and injuring 17 veterans. And he has also handled significant class actions involving defective products and consumer fraud. “I initially gained success in the personal injury field by attacking problems from different angles that other lawyers hadn’t thought of or tried in the past, and I then brought that same thought process to the area of class actions and business litigation, allowing me to secure positive results not only for my clients, but also for society as a whole through corporate-wide changes to policies and procedures,” Gresham says.   As co-lead counsel in the first national “click fraud” class action lawsuit against Google and Yahoo!, Gresham was instrumental in reforming the Internet pay-per-click advertising industry, resulting in over $90 million claims fund. Indeed, as a result of the litigation, Google and other search engines changed their practices to better monitor fraudulent click-throughs, bringing transparency to the online advertising industry.   More recently, Gresham resolved a novel case against a New England sperm bank for representing that its sperm had been screened for cystic fibrosis even though it hadn’t, resulting in a couple’s child being born with cystic fibrosis. The case was one of first impression and reached the Oklahoma Supreme Court before its successful resolution “That was a very significant case because it broke through and opened up a new area of law involving philosophical issues of wrongful birth and wrongful life,” Gresham says.  Since then, he has been retained by several other families who were misled by cryogenic sperm banks with respect to genetic testing.   In 2015, Gresham, along with the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, resolved a complicated whistleblower (qui tam) case under the False Claims Act and is currently handling qui tam cases that are sealed.   Gresham is a member of the Civil Rights Volunteer Attorney Panel for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. After the horrific attack on our Country on September 11, 2001, Gresham joined forces with other trial lawyers across the country in what has been described as “the largest pro bono project in our nation's history.” Through the Trial Lawyers Care program, Gresham provided free legal representation to victims and their families of the September 11 tragedy.   “A lot of cases that I take are cases that were turned down by other lawyers,” Gresham says. “But I try look at them from a more creative standpoint, and that approach has proved to be very successful for my clients.”   Dean is consistently chosen by his peers as one of the Best Lawyers in Dallas by D Magazine 2009 – 2020) and as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in Texas by TNTLA (2009-2020). Dean is an AV® Preeminent-rated attorney by Martindale Hubble and was named as a Texas Rising Star from 2009-2012 and as a Texas SuperLawyer by Law & Politics Magazine from 2013-2020, and Top 100 Texas SuperLawyers in 2018-2020.  Licensed in both Texas and Oklahoma, Dean handles complex litigation across the nation.
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Bar Admissions
Admitted in 2011
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Admitted in 2010
United States Supreme Court
Admitted in 2010
Admitted in 2000
South Texas College of Law, JD
Graduated 2000
Contact Details and Office Locations
12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 1045
Dallas, Texas 75230
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