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Peter A. Hessler

6055 Rockside Woods Boulevard, Suite 200 Cleveland, Ohio 44131-2302
Firm: Wegman Hessler Valore
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Wegman Hessler Valore

Years In Practice

Phone Number (216) 642-3342

Peter A. Hessler is the Managing Partner of the firm, where he represents a variety of clients — companies, individuals, and non-profits – who face challenges and opportunities in litigation, either in situations where the clients are drawn into court or where clients are left with no alternative but to pursue legal action. Peter navigates his clients through the entire process, seeking the most effective and economical way to achieve their objectives. Peter is committed to being a part of the solution, not a part of the problem, facing his clients.

As examples, Peter has assisted clients in resolving:

  • A nationwide class action case claiming fraudulent practices
  • An internet patent infringement case
  • Multiple actions filed by a foundation seeking to enforce several “submarine patents”
  • A deceptive advertising claim filed against a medical institution
  • Medical negligence claims against a provider of plastic surgical services
  • A protracted dispute between two organizations operating a school
  • A major dispute between two large manufacturers

Peter also serves as counsel and advisor to several non-profit organizations, including:

  • The Ohio District Lutheran Church Extension Fund
  • The Ohio District of the Lutheran Church: Missouri Synod
  • The Cleveland Lutheran High School Association
  • Lutheran Home at Concord Reserve

Peter is a law firm representative to the Integrated Advisory Group International (IAG) and serves clients abroad in matters relating both to business and litigation.

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  • Martindale Hubbell’s A-V Rating for Both Legal Ability and Ethical Standards
Valparaiso University, J.D.
Graduated 1978
Valparaiso University, B.A.
Graduated 1975
Contact Details and Office Locations
6055 Rockside Woods Boulevard, Suite 200
Cleveland, Ohio 44131-2302
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