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915 South I Street Tacoma, Washington 98405
Firm: Phillips Burgess PLLC
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Phone Number (253) 292-6640

"I first came in contact with Lacey as opposing counsel on a land use matter; and I found her to be thorough, responsive, bright, cordial, creative, and respectful of the legal process. To the extent that it's ever an enjoyable experience to work with a lawyer, it would be a pleasant experience to partner with Lacey Hatch."-- G. Richard Hill, Partner, McCullough Hill Leary, P.S., Seattle

At the tender age of five, Lacey Hatch recalls imploring her parents to let her stay up late and watch Matlock, a long-running television series featuring Andy Griffin as a hard charging,high-cost criminal defense attorney. It was then, she says, that she first thought about a career in the law. That passion has seldom wavered, although Lacey concedes her own legal career “has not been quite as dramatic as Ben Matlock’s.”

A graduate of the University of Montana School of Law, Lacey has devoted nearly 15 years to the practice of municipal law. She has been a senior assistant city attorney and senior legal planner for the City of Bellevue, city attorney for Roslyn and Algona, and assistant city attorney for DuPont and Tukwila. In these roles, she has handled a myriad of land use issues, including client advising, project review, code drafting and interpretation, and litigation.

“I enjoy solving complex legal issues and finding a way for everyone to win,especially with respect to land use disputes. Land use law impacts every area of a community—and land use planning, if done correctly, can create a beautiful and environmentally respectful place for all of us to live.”--Lacey Hatch

As a senior legal adviser to her municipal clients in the areas of land use and code enforcement, Lacey has made presentations to the Washington State Association of Code Enforcement and the Association of Municipal Attorneys. In addition, she has appeared before numerous planning commissions, city councils, and committees of the Washington State Legislature.

The Gig Harbor resident says she takes great satisfaction working with “conscientious and innovative developers, land owners, and businesses looking to enhance existing communities with amenities, best practices and, when feasible, affordable housing.”

“My work over the years with land use planners, city administrative staff, and land use departments on federal and state regulatory issues has brought me an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of project review, code drafting, code interpretation, and litigation,” she notes. “In my new role as a member of the Phillips Burgess legal team, I look forward to representing private land use and environmental clients. I believe my extensive public sector law experience will serve them well.”

"Three important things I have learned about the practice of law: Talk less and listen more; get to the point; come fully prepared - and early."--Lacey Hatch

Outside of the practice of law, Lacey volunteers at Madigan Army Medical Center, and enjoys gardening, cooking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children, and beloved pug, Mr. Loyd.

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Bar Admissions
Washington State
Admitted in 2004
Organizations & Affiliations
Madigan Army Medical Center
Volunteer & Mentor for Patients with Digestive Disease
Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC)
Washington State Association of Code Enforcement
Washington State Association of Municipal Attorneys
Washington State Bar Association
Work Experience
Phillips Burgess, PLLC
2017 - Current
University of Montana, J.D.
Graduated 2003
Contact Details and Office Locations
Office: (253) 292-6640
915 South I Street
Tacoma, Washington 98405
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