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Karen Weinstock

1827 Independence Square Atlanta, Georgia 30338
Firm: Weinstock Immigration Lawyers
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Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

Years In Practice

Phone Number (770) 214-4265

A Georgia Leader in Immigration Law

Karen Weinstock is the managing attorney of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, the premier immigration law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 16 years of experience, she has developed expertise representing U.S. and international companies in securing global talent and ensuring the employees and their families have a good experience in immigrating to the United States.

A Passionate Pursuit of Excellence in Immigration

Karen was born and raised in Israel and immigrated to the United States in 2000. Her genuine passion for immigration law is a direct result of her personal experience as an immigrant. This ability to identify and empathize with immigrants, and her commitment to excellence in obtaining results for her clients differentiate her as one of the top immigration attorneys in the South. Prior to opening her own immigration law firm, Karen was the managing attorney of a regional immigration law firm’s Atlanta office for over 11 years. Her personal experience experiencing obstacles, cross-cultural differences and employment challenges, enable her to have stronger empathy for her international clientele and better serve their particular needs.

Areas of Expertise in Immigration Law

  • Employment-based non-immigrant visas: H-1B, L-1, E-1, E-2, O, TN, J
  • Employment-based immigrant petitions: EB-1, EB-2, EB-3
  • Labor certifications (PERM)
  • Permanent residence for intra-company executives and managers
  • Permanent residency for people with extraordinary & exceptional ability in the sciences and arts

Awards and Honors

  • AVVO’s 10.0 out of 10.0 superb rating
  • Leader of one of the Best Immigration Law Firms, “Best Lawyers in America”, 2014 - present
  • Legal Elite, Georgia Trend Magazine, 2012, 2016
  • Best Lawyers in America, Immigration, "Best Lawyers in America", 2010 - present
  • International Women of Influence Nominee, Global EXEC Women and the International Council, 2008
  • Martindale-Hubble's preeminent AV rating (5.0 out of 5.0), 2007 - present

Organizational Leadership

  • International Women's Series Chair for Conexx, 2015–present
  • International Engagement Advisory Board, Forsyth County, 2014–present
  • Board of Directors Member, Japan-American Society, 2003–present
  • Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2002–present
  • Member, Lawyers Club of Atlanta, 2006–present
  • Board Member, Georgia Association for Women Lawyers, 2006–2007
  • Board of Directors, Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, 2004–2007
  • Board of Directors, Conexx-American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, 2003–2006 Professional Publications
  • “Winning Strategies for Onboarding Immigrant Talent”, Daily Report, General Counsel Section, 2016
  • “Risky Business - Ethical Obligations and Conflicts” for Business Immigration, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2016
  • “Employment-Based Immigrant Visas”, Institute of Continuing Legal Education of Georgia, 2015
  • “Labor Certifications for Attorneys”, Institute of Continuing Legal Education of Georgia, 2014
  • “Green Card through Exceptional Ability”, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2010
  • “The H-1B Book” - Immigration Law Weekly, 2008
  • “Kurdish Woman's Long Battle Ends with Green Card”, Alabama Press Register, 2007
  • “Visa Quotas for Physical Therapists and Nurses Filled”, Global Atlanta, 2006
  • “Enforcement Only Reform Impractical”, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2005
  • “Restrictions Eased on Foreigners Trained in U.S. as Physicians”, Global Atlanta, 2003
  • “Honest People Pay for Anti-Terrorism Initiatives”, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2003
  • “Immigrants’ Contribution to Economy Can’t Be Ignored”, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2002
  • “President Bush Signs New Child Status Protection Act”, Atlanta Samachar, 2002
  • “How To Win A Motion To Reopen”, Siskind's Immigration Bulletin, 2002
  • “The H-1B Option for Doctors”, Siskind's Healthcare Newsletter, 2002
  • “Extraordinary Ability Visas Available to Doctors, Professors and Researchers”, Siskind Healthcare, 2002

Professional Lectures

  • "Improve Your Global Acumen”, Kettering Executive Network, 2017
  • “Cross Border Mobility”, Metro Atlanta Relocation Council, 2016
  • “What CPAs Need to Know About Immigration to Keep Out of Trouble”, Southeastern Accounting show, 2016
  • “Ethical Obligations for Immigration Lawyers”, American Immigration Lawyers Association Georgia-Alabama Conference, 2016
  • “A-Z of IMG recruiting”, South West Physician Recruiters Association Annual Conference, 2016
  • “Business Immigration for Law Students”, Georgia State Law School, 2016
  • “Employment-Based Immigrant Visas”, State Bar of Georgia, 2015
  • “A-Z of IMG recruiting”, Association of Staff Physician Recruiters National Conference, 2015
  • “Business Immigration Litigation”, American Immigration Lawyers Association Conference, 2015
  • “Physician Immigration: How to Attract and Retain IMGs”, Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, 2014
  • “Cumming Forsyth Chamber of Commerce International Roundtable, 2014
  • “Labor Certifications for Attorneys”, Institute of Continuing Legal Education of Georgia, 2014
  • “New Investors Visas”, American Israeli Chamber of Commerce, 2014
  • “Three ways immigration reform will impact every business”, McPherson Berry learning series, 2013
  • “Immigration for University Faculty and Staff”, University Administrators, 2013
  • “3 Ways Immigration Reform Will Impact Your Business”, Corporate Counsel, 2013
  • “Immigration Options for Researchers”, Emory University, 2011
  • “Immigration Options for Physicians”, Atlanta Area Physicians, 2011
  • “Immigration Questions and Answers”, Emory University, 2010
  • “Immigration Options for Foreign Companies in the U.S.”, WJRLAW, 2010
  • “Green Card through Exceptional Ability”, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2010
  • “Challenges and business opportunities in bringing international business to Atlanta and how Kettering executives can bridge the gaps”, Kettering, 2010
  • “Tips and Pitfalls to Consider When Hiring H-1B Workers”, HR Professional Seminar, 2009
  • “Immigration Options for Researchers”, Emory University, 2009
  • “Mandamus Training for Lawyers”, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2009
  • “Immigration primer for grip members”, 2009
  • “Immigration for physicians”, Atlanta Area Physicians, 2009
  • “L-1 Strategies: Responding to an RFE and the Impact of AAO Decision on L-1Bs”, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2009
  • “Effective Strategies for Recruiting Foreign Doctors During H-1B and Immigrant Visa Blackouts”, Atlanta Area Physicians, 2008
  • “Hiring Foreign Talent in Times of Heightened Government Tightening”, Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference, 2008
  • “Immigration Compliance for HR Professionals”, HR Compliance, 2008
  • “The Impact of Global Diversity on Lawyers”, Clients and Practice Management, Georgia Association of Women Lawyers Annual Conference, 2008
  • “Immigration Compliance for HR Professionals”, HR Compliance, 2007
  • “U.S. Business Immigration: An Overview”, AmericaBiz, 2007
  • “Nuts and Bolts of U.S. Immigration Laws for Israeli Companies”, Doing Business in America (Israel), 2007
  • “Transferring Companies and Workers to the U.S.”, International Relocation for Israeli Companies Conference (Israel), 2006
  • “International employment and tax update – foreign nationals and ex-pats”, North American Tax Council, 2006
  • “Hiring the Foreign National Scholar or Faculty Member”, National Association of College and University Attorneys Annual Conference, 2005
  • “Creative Strategies for Recruiting Foreign Workers in 2005: Finding Alternatives to H-1B”, SHRM, 2005
  • “Hiring foreign talent for your business”, Georgia Women Entrepreneur Network, 2004
  • “Immigration compliance for HR professionals”, TAG HR SIG, 2004
  • “Business immigration and relocation of companies to the US”, The Israel Institute of Management, 2004
  • “U.S. immigration Law, Temporary Visas, Permanent Residency Visas, and Post 9/11 Issues”, International Business Association, 2004
  • “Hiring Foreign Talent in the U.S.”, South Eastern Biotechnology Conference, 2003
  • “The immigration consequences of mergers and acquisitions”, CLE for corporate attorneys, 2003
  • “Hiring Foreign Talent in the U.S.”, SEBIO, 2002
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  • Martindale-Hubble AV preeminent rating
  • 2013 Business Excellence Awards Finalist
  • International who's who of corporate immigration attorneys
  • Best Immigration Law Firm
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Legal Elite, Georgia Trend Magazine
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1827 Independence Square
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
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