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John C. Theisen

810 South Calhoun Street, Suite 200 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
Firm: Theisen & Associates, LLC
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Theisen & Associates, LLC

Years In Practice

Phone Number (260) 422-4255
John Theisen is the managing partner of Theisen & Associates, LLC. He has over 34 years experience in labor-relations matters in union and non-union settings. He has extensive experience in counseling all forms of business entities on labor, employment, and business matters and litigating all types of claims including claims involving discrimination, retaliatory discharge, unfair labor practices, wage disputes, the enforcement of non-competes, shareholder disputes, and breach of contract cases. He also has extensive experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. He has appeared before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and Third Circuit, Federal District Courts throughout the country, the Indiana Supreme Court, the Indiana Court of Appeals and a variety of State Courts all over the country as well. In addition, John has represented unionized companies as chief spokesperson, negotiating collective bargaining agreements and providing advice on contract maintenance and grievance resolution. He has assisted non-union companies in remaining union-free and responding to union organization efforts. His representation of both groups has involved strike/picket line management, supervisory training, policy development, and a wide variety of dealings with the NLRB, EEOC, and other administrative agencies on employment-related issues. John has appeared as a speaker on labor-related issues before numerous groups. John is a graduate of St. Louis University School of Law (1977) where he graduated with honors and served as an Editor of the Law Review and the University of Michigan (1974) where he graduated with distinction. He has been a member of the Indiana Bar Association for over 30 years, has 4 children, enjoys playing golf, hockey and bridge and is an avid fisherman.
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810 South Calhoun Street, Suite 200
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
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