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I have served 4 years as a field artillery cannoneer in the United States Marine Corps and another 4 years in the militias of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. I am a family law and bankruptcy attorney who practices family law in Harris and Fort Bend County, Texas.  Bankruptcy  cases (Chapter 13 and Chapter 7)  are filed in the Houston or Galveston  divisions of the Southern Division of Texas, for residents of the following counties, Austin, Brazos, Colorado, Fayette, Fort Bend, Grimes, Harris, Madison, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker, Waller, Wharton, Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, and Matagorda.  I have two offices in the Greater Houston Area, one at 6100 Corporate Drive Suite 190, Houston, Texas 77036 and another at 715 East Whitney, Houston, Texas 77022.  In law, more so than in any other field, the tenacity and perseverance of the lawyer are only two of the qualities which make a difference in the resolution of your case. Besides tenacity and perseverance, a lawyer should be ambitious and driven, book-smart and street-smart, quick on his feet but cautious with his words. A lawyer should be ethical, courteous and considerate. He should be available, return your phone calls promptly or at least acknowledge your communication and inform you of the status of your case. A lawyer should be aggressive with the opposing party but effective enough in his tactics to resolve your case in the most efficient manner and with the least amount of litigation involved. Last but not least, your lawyer should be reasonable in his fees. We strive to be all the above and more. If your case involves family law matters, I want to help. I stay late on Wednesdays until 8 p.m. and I am open two Saturdays a month.  My vanity number is 281 divorce.  Eric Southward manages our Bankruptcy section and appears 3 to 5 times a week in the bankruptcy courts of Houston and Galveston, Texas. I am Board Certified  by Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law.
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Bar Admissions
United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas
Admitted in 2003
Texas Supreme Court
Admitted in 2002
Work Experience
Busby & Associates
2004 - Current
Harry & Bryant Company
1996 - 1999
National Guard
1993 - 1997
United States Marine Corps
1989 - 1993
South Texas College of Law Houston
Graduated 2002
Contact Details and Office Locations
6100 Corporate Drive, #190
Houston, Texas 77036
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