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Brien A. Roche

8355 Greensboro Drive McLean, Virginia 22102
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Brien Roche Law

Years In Practice

Phone Number (703) 821-3740


8355-A Greensboro Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102

(703) 821-3740 (phone)



My practice is principally a litigation practice with a focus on tort litigation along with substantial involvement in commercial litigation, real estate litigation and domestic relations litigation.  Upon being admitted to the practice of law in 1976 I worked for two years with Hartford Insurance Company as their in-house defense counsel representing their insureds in personal injury litigation.  Thereafter, I worked with the firm of Doherty, Sheridan and Grimaldi in Fairfax, Virginia concentrating on insurance defense litigation for approximately seven years until I formed my current law firm in April of 1985.

Since being admitted to the practice of law in Virginia I have tried over 300 jury cases to conclusion and handled thousands of other cases of every conceivable type.

For the last 25 years I have served as a Commissioner in Chancery in the Fairfax Circuit Court hearing both contested and uncontested domestic cases

I am admitted to practice not only in the State of Virginia but in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

I have authored four different books:

(1)  The Virginia Torts Case Finder which is a 900 page compendium of Virginia tort cases.

(2)  Objections:  Interrogatories, Depositions and Trial is a publication co-authored with Christine Reilly and published by Virginia CLE Publications.  This book has been the subject of several CLE seminars that I have given.

(3)  Law 101 is published by Sphinx Publishing and is essentially law for the layperson.

(4)  The Virginia Domestic Relations Case Finder, like the case finder referenced above, is published by Lexis Nexis.  This book is a 450 page compendium of Virginia Domestic cases.

A listing of articles that I have authored can be found at my website, along with a listing of reported cases and verdicts and settlements.


1976 - Juris Doctor, George Washington University Law School

1973 - Masters in Criminal Justice, American University

1970 - Bachelors of Arts (Philosophy), Georgetown University  


From June 1970 through February 1971 I was on active duty with the United States Marine Corps and was thereafter discharged into active reserve status and received an honorable discharge in 1976.

From May of 1971 through June of 1975 I served as a patrol officer with the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia performing general patrol functions as a uniformed police officer with the Washington, DC Police Department.  From June of 1975 through December of 1976 I worked as a full-time associate professor at the Northern Virginia Community College in the field of criminal justice.  


Born January 19, 1949 in Hartford, Connecticut.  My wife and I have seven children, three of whom are currently practicing attorneys in the Northern Virginia area.  I have been active in coaching youth sports for over 25 years.  I have co-authored with Mike Murray of the Virginia Baseball Club a 250 page book entitled, The Baseball Coach’s Handbook.  I was the sole sponsor and organizer of the American Legion Post 129 baseball team in Alexandria, Virginia for 15 years.

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George Washington University, Juris Doctor
Graduated 1976
American University, Masters in Criminal Justice
Graduated 1973
Georgetown University, Bachelors of Arts - Philosophy
Graduated 1970
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8355 Greensboro Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102
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